TV Journal 5

The Simpson’s caracters are a little bit crazy, but they show the truth. We can learn a lot from them. They show the reality, but a too much exaggerated. Watching this TV program helped me to understand better English, because there are no substittles and they speak very fast. At the beginning, it was very difficult, but after some times, it was easier. It helped me to learn some words and expressions that I didn’t know before. It’s very good to watch TV program with no substittles, it’s the best way to learn English by yourself. I recommend The Simpson, because, that’s a program that everyone like to watch, and that’s very helpful for people who want to learn this language.


The Simpsons

=> I choose to replace Marge

My wife and my daughter made a deal and Lisa won this deal. The winner decided what they would do during father/daughter day. So she decided to do voluntary work. During the day, I came to visit them, but when I arrived, I saw Homer with other girls and I thought that he was seducing. Then, I was jealous and I decided to have liposuction. I went to the doctor and he did it. But, when I woke up from the operation, the doctor made a mistake, he gave me implants. At first, I thought that Homer wouldn’t like that, but he likedit. After, all the family and I went to the restaurent, and we met someone who wanted me to be a model. After some days, I decided to return back to my original self.


It was Christmas and Marge wanted Lisa and Bart to write what they wanted for Christmas. Lisa wanted a house and Bart, a car. Bart wanted to give a beautiful gift, so he went to get a tattoo, that was a heart and it said I LOVE MOM. Lisa always asked Marge if she wanted a house, but the mother didn’t want more. At the end of the episode, Bart and Homer went to a dog race and made some bets to win the race. But unlucky, they lost the bet and, lucky, they rought back a dog that they named the little red-nosed queen.


Here's the Simpson's family: Lisa, Homer, Bart, Marge and Maggie.
The Simpson

I choose the Simpson's program for many things. This show is very funny and the episodes are very different from one another. Each day, something different happens but the episodes doesn’t have a continuation. Also, I decided to take this program because I know it a lot, I have watched it since I was six years old. Every day, it is the same thing in the family: Homer always strangles Bart, Lisa studies and plays saxophone every day,Milhouse loves Lisa so much, etc. I hope to learn some expressions in English that I don’t know. I hope I will be better in English because I watch it in English. One thing that is interesting ,is that there is not very a concrete story so, if you miss an episode, you won’t be lost.